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Ecommerce brands:

Increase repeat purchases by 11%

Serve personalised marketing to customers the moment they open their order to lock in their 2nd, 3rd, 4th purchases (and beyond).


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“Penny Black has helped us grow the size of our most loyal customer group by 600%. We use the platform to invite loyal repeat buyers to join the club, interact with fellow customers and help us increase our CLTV at the unboxing moment.”
George Duffy
George Duffy, Marketing Lead at Bird & Blend Tea Co.
“Using Penny Black's technology we are able to deliver truly personalised and on brand messaging to our customers at the moment they open their package. We've been delighted to see the immediate impact in overall customer lifetime value”
Stephanie Donat
Stefanie Donat, Head of Supply Chain and Logistics, PAUL VALENTINE

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